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Guidelines: Completed Visual Novels
« on: January 28, 2010, 01:53:38 PM »
Section Guidelines

1. By posting your project in the section you agree that it is, as far as you currently know, complete as an individual visual novel experience in English as-is.

2. If your visual novel includes content of a nature that is meant for mature audiences (erotica or graphic violence), please provide an appropriate warning. Doing otherwise will be interpreted as impolite. Mindless pornography is not allowed.

In response to some concerns regarding our rules on pornographic content; based on the admin meeting last April 21, 2010. Everyone unanimously decided to keep the current forum rules regarding erotic content as is.

Regarding what is a "visual novel?" - This is something that we have decided should be dynamic and open to change. It will be an administrative prerogative to disallow certain games that we believe should not be considered as visual novels. It will be a lot more work, but our admins are ready and willing to take up that challenge. Games which have been previously disallowed will form a part of precedence for this forum as to what should be excluded.

As to "mindless pornography" this is also a term that will be defined based on precedence rather than a concrete definition that is set in stone. For now, the admins have decided that the threshold level should be set at games like The Nettestadt Troll which is the maximum level of erotica tolerated here. 

However, we feel that it is better to gradually add a list of what types of games are excluded rather than what games are included to make the rule a bit less restrictive.
Regardless of any prior statement made by any of our admins, for now the controlling rule regarding this is: the following games or those of similar nature are not allowed to be discussed nor posted in the Teacup.

-Rapelay (and basically all of Illusion's 3D sex games)
-Sexual Fantasy Kingdom
-Suck My Dick Or Die
-The Maiden Rape Assault - Violent Semen Inferno
-Virgin Roster
-Polygon Love 2

Images containing explicit content are also not allowed to be shown here. We have to consider the limitations of our host's server and even if it were allowed, it would be impolite to the owner of the domain. Furthermore, the admins themselves do not wish to have discussions of "mindless pornography" (refer to the above examples for a baseline) in the forums.

If you have further inquiries, please do it in a PM to any of our admins so we may discuss it among ourselves. If you are still confused as to whether or not a certain type of game or game discussion qualifies in the teacup based on our rules, please do it in a PM to any of our admins as well.


1. Posts that can only be seen as discouraging or rude or that can be seen as personal attacks are forbidden, and a member who posts such will be warned and if necessary, banned. This includes badly written, aggressive critique and offensive intent veiled in thin eloquence: please give your opinions only on those things which you care about. Posts should be in English or have an English translation. Simply, please be nice and polite to other people!

2. Spamming or advertising is forbidden. An exception to the latter is made if the advertised subject is seen as helpful for creators: for example, politely advertising one's project blog is acceptable and to an extent encouraged, as is making a release thread for commercial games or visual novel engines. Spamming also includes members who post too many one-liners or otherwise unintelligent, unhelpful posts.

3. Should you for some reason find that moderative action against you or someone else has been unfair and was not done to support the stated values, please consult an administrator in private. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, even the administration, and it is important to point these out to us.
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