Author Topic: Recruiting: Artist for Medieval Dating Sim  (Read 3671 times)


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Recruiting: Artist for Medieval Dating Sim
« on: April 14, 2010, 07:31:49 AM »
Story Summary:
This is a story about the son of a baron that comes to the castle of a neighboring duke to help get rid of an number of bandits that have been plaguing the area. The young noble has an ulterior motive for accepting the task, however. Ever since he caught a glimpse of the duke's daughter two years ago he has had no-one else on his mind. Since meeting with her in person is difficult, communication must first primarily be done via letters. It will take more than simply winning her favour, though. The duke must consent to the union. And what about the plans of the rest of the castle's inhabitants?

At first it was meant to be an iPad release originally, but we no plan to develop a Ren'Py version concurrently. I'm doing the writing, the coding is dstarsboy from LSF (I don't know the first thing about the iPad ^^;).

We are looking for an artist to do sprites and CGs. If you are interested, pm or reply as you wish.