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The Phantom Caller
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Andren Freeman is in love with his boss's daughter, Scarlett. But he is too shy to confess his love. Even though he dislikes her spoiled behavior, he is deeply in love with her. But she is not aware of that, and he doesn't have enough courage to confess his love. So, will he able to win her love? Play the game to find out.

Genre: Boy pursues Girl (with a little bit of horror)
Violence: Yes
Sexual Content: None
Playtime: Less than one hour

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(for Windows, linux and mac)

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Re: The Phantom Caller
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Just finished this game.

Spoiler for Hiden:
I felt that the confession of love came too abruptly in ending 2. Shouldn't Scarlett Chilton have felt a bit more disturbed by the fact that Mark Ralph was suddenly killed in front of her instead of jumping right into Andren Freeman's arms and kissing him no less?

Furthermore, Andren was played like a fool by the phantom caller for no apparent reason. You need a very strong motive to kill someone, much less kill someone and expect a random stranger on the phone to clean up your mess for you. Why did he trust the caller so easily? You could say he was forced by circumstances but it sure doesn't sound that way based on the narration.

Finally, since the caller's identity was never really revealed, I'd say it's Scarlett Chilton's father. Am I correct?
In any case, feel free to ignore my little complaints in the spoiler tag. Over-all, it still feels like a solid piece with somewhat overly straightforward writing. I'd just advise you to try to think of the implications of each plot point for any stories that you write in the future.
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Re: The Phantom Caller
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Good guess. But the phantom caller wasn't Jack Chilton.
Let me go into the details.
Spoiler for Hiden:
The Phantom Caller was a game which I planned to release in Halloween, but failed to, because of my lazy artist Miko.
So, it is obvious that ghosts have something to do with this VN. Hannah loved Freeman very much when she was alive. She was so attached to him that she couldn't stop watching over him even after she died. But, when Freeman fell in love with Scarlett, she was very angry. Especially because many people believed her to be a spoiled brat. So, the phantom caller was Hannah. And she wanted to make Andren pay for falling in love with someone else.
That's how Hannah punished Andren. By sending him to prison.