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Hired Gun 3
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Hired Gun 3
This is the final installment of the Hired Gun series.

Victor is sent on a mission to France to kill an arms dealer. But, it looks like his target is aware of that. So, there may be many obstacles in his path. When he gets the information that Robinette is still alive, he vows to himself that he will save her no matter what. Will he be able to?

Visit five different countries- France, Japan, Scotland, Egypt and North Korea. This game also includes a mini-game and five event CGIs.

Download here.

Important characters:

Victor Lance: The protagonist of the story. Since his parents died in an accident, he was adopted by the organization. The organization adopted young children and trained them to be soldiers, spies, ninjas and assassins. Victor took his training seriously and soon he became a professional assassin.

Robinette Addyson: A girl whom Victor kidnapped a long time ago. He had to kidnap her because she was a witness in one of his assassinations. Even though at first Victor thought that she was a burden, later he started to develop feelings for her. Unfortunately, they had to part because Victor's boss didn't seem to like Robinette.

Harold Henry: A French Police Officer. He is very popular as a good, honest and sincere police officer, but according to the organization, he is an accomplice of a well-known terrorist. He also has got spies and assassins all over the world which is the reason the organization's assassins always fail to kill him.

Veronica Summer: Like Victor, she also became an orphan at a very young age and was adopted by the organization. She always admired Victor and it was she who directed him in most important missions. Lately, it also seems that she has a crush on Victor.

...and many more characters.