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Lonesome- (a remake of) the story of love and melancholy.

Lonesome is the story of a young boy whose dream was to become a mountaineer and conquer the highest mountains of the world. But his father wants to destroy all his dreams by forcing him to become a businessman.

Whether he'll become a businessman or a mountaineer, whether he'll find true love or not, everything depends on the player.


Download here.

Fernando Marcus
Age- 25
Profession- Mountaineering student.
Likes- Sports, Science fictions, Romantic stories and movies.
Dislikes- Annoying people, arguments.
Aim in life- To become a mountaineer and conquer Everest.

If you see a sad and gloomy boy sitting alone in a dark corner of a library or restaurant, it may be Fernando Marcus. He dislikes talking to people and always likes to be alone. There are three reasons. The first two are already mentioned in the game. (1. His selfish father 2. His two childhood friends.) But the third reason is because his mother Anakaren Marcus left him and his father Ed when he was only four years old. She eloped with her lover whom she loved more than anything else. If only she knew that he was only interested in her money. Some weeks later, Anakaren's corpse was found on a hilltop. The whole story was revealed. But Fernando never knew that his mother died. He only knew that his mother eloped. Ed Marcus, Fernando's father, never told the truth to his son.

Ed Marcus
Age- 54
Profession- Businessman (World's 35th richest person).
Likes- Business, Money.
Dislikes- Women.
Aim in life- To become the richest businessman in the world.

If you have already played the game, you may have already started hating this man. But he was not always so selfish. He was a very kind hearted person before his wife Anakaren left him. Anakaren was worldly-minded. She always wanted all kinds of luxuries, expensive jewellery, expensive clothes, the list can go on and on. But still, Ed loved her more than anything else and did whatever he could to make her happy. But when she eloped with her new lover, he could never forgive her. After her corpse was discovered he didn't cry, nor did he tell anything to Fernando. He only wanted to forget Anakaren and focus only in his business. Though he loves his son, his aim of becoming the world's richest businessman is more important to him than his son's happiness. After Anakaren left him, he started hating women more and more. (If you pay attention while playing the game, you will notice that he hates Alessandra too.) He believes all women are selfish and worldly-minded. He believes that there is no such thing called "love". But, he is an honest businessman.

Brad Avon
Age- 60
Profession- Businessman (World's 21st richest person)
Likes- Money, women.
Dislikes- Sports, books, movies.
Aim in life- To become the richest businessman in the world.

Brad Avon, one of the most corrupted businessmen in the world. He is well known for cheating his partners and sponsors. He is also a womanizer. His wife committed suicide many years ago because she caught him cheating. Ed Marcus is not aware of any of these, but Fernando has learnt everything about Brad. (That's why he doesn't want to marry Brad's daughter.)

Alessandra Ava
Age- 27
Profession- Businesswoman.
Likes- Nature, vacations, horror movies.
Dislikes- Rude people.
Aim in life- To find true love.

Alessandra was a cute and cheerful girl ever since she was a child. But, after her mother committed suicide when she was only 8, she became an annoying, spoiled brat. But deep inside, she has a very good heart. Though she doesn't want to admit it, she hates her father very much. She also knows why her mother died but never told anybody.

Marie Alicen
Age- 22
Profession- Chef.
Likes- Music, Romantic Stories.
Dislikes- Lazy people.
Aim in life- To become famous.

A cute and cheerful girl like Alessandra. She is very helpful and friendly. She is always looking for ways to help others. She likes it when others share their sad life stories with her. It is already mentioned in the game why she ran away from home. But you may want to know why her parents were forcing her to marry Tom Presley. Tom's father is the boss of Marie's father. Tom's parents know that since Tom is a good-for-nothing drunk, he will never find a good girl. So, his father asked Marie's father whether he would agree to a marriage proposal between Tom and Marie. He promised him a promotion and a big raise if he agreed. Marie belonged to a very poor family and they needed the money. So her father agreed to the marriage proposal. That's why her parents forced her to marry Tom and she had to run away from home.

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