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Graphics: tips & tricks thread
« on: January 03, 2011, 03:47:18 PM »
This is a general thread for tips and tricks on graphics, where shorter observations and advice that don't need their own thread can be posted. I'll start with a few sketching tips of mine.

Especially when sketching sprites and CGs, flipping the picture in your drawing program can do wonders. Your eye gets accustomed to your sketch as you draw, and horizontal flipping reveals the mistakes your eye has become used to. When sketching on actual paper, mirrors can be used for the same effect.

Generally, I find that most people produce better results when going from the whole to details in sketching. Start with a rough, general sketch and work your way into the details. This way, you'll be more likely to get the proportions right, for example, since often you can't see the forest for the trees if you start by going into details right way. Most of the time, my pictures start with a stick figure-like sketch with a couple of balls and lines.

Tips for drawing eyes:
- Looking at someone from the front, the space between eyes is usually about the width of one eye.
- If you draw speckles of light in the character's eyes, make sure they are coming from the same direction (e.g. both are in the upper left corner of the eye). Unless the source of the light is between the eyes or there are two light sources on each side of the head, they should be positioned like this. Placing them on the opposite sides may also have the effect of your character looking like they're squinting.
- When drawing a 3/4 profile, remember the following things: don't put the further eye too close to the side of the face (it should be closer to the nose than the closer eye), and remember that the eyes should be equally high in this perspective. The 3/4 profile affects the width (the closer eye is usually slightly wider), but height isn't affected, because the human face isn't wide enough for notable changes to occur.
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