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Teacup Event #3: [works]
« on: October 30, 2010, 11:14:37 PM »
Hi everyone, (and sorry if I beat MB to starting the thread)

So the final weekend is now here, it's the end of October, and therefore everyone is invited to this thread to show their Event #3 works and discuss the making of them.

As a general rule, you can comment on the games in the completed games section, while you can comment here on how the event went for you and what challenges you had along the way.


Our game Look Twice is released in this thread:

I'd like to thank Vatina for a great cooperation, it was really very nice and comfortable - we made it all on time with a few completely changing late adjustments, but often things are influenced by circumstances, and more and more I really like this as an unexpected turn of events that finally makes the game what it is. I'll have nice memories associated with this project.

It's been a huge challenge for me to draw though. :) But I am quite proud, it's not as terrible as I have perhaps feared. Pursuing an artistic career though - not really for me, I'm afraid. Even though drawing has its interesting sides, I usually listened to some music, and the experience was really immersive, I haven't really properly drawn with a pencil since I can't remember when, so this was also kind of reconnecting with the past when the last time I used a pencil to draw was probably in the early high school years. And the only thing missing is a melancholic looking smiley to end this all with. Which I can't find. Too bad.


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Re: Teacup Event #3: [works]
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2010, 06:31:14 PM »
Sorry if I forgot to take the initiative. But oh well.

Discussion thread: 

Anyway, lordcloudx and I were done making our entry, Swimming in Two Rivers, more than a month ago, and we just had to wait for the right time to release this here (I already made a quiet release via other channels earlier).

The story was finished first, and now it's become a habit of mine to actually finish the storyline of a VN first before starting on its other aspects. That way, a backbone that solidifies the VN's vision is manifested.

My original work, an entry for a writing contest for another forum, did have a sordid tone, though it had its funny moments. Cloudy just optimized this to a romantic comedy, and I raised no objections about this. Development soon after was fast, clean, and efficient, and everything was done a week hence.
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