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Inspired by a thread I saw on another creator forum, this is a place for you to post about whatever achievements you may have reached today. It may not be a lot - but at least something you can look at and say "I did something!"

It could be anything - a piece of art, code or script maybe. As long as it is another step towards the completion of your project. And maybe even a motivational booster for other creators here.

To start off I made.... this:

(Yay for crappy jpg's)

I also wrote about 900 words of dialogue for the same project. As for inserting it... that is still a good ways off <_<;


Rendered in Bryce. Took about half an hour to do this? So nothing huge or impressive, persay. I'm still trying to figure out how to make Terragen do what I want it to. Bryce, for me, is much easier to use.

I wrote a few words for a VN that we're keeping under wraps for now. It was quite refreshing.


This a sprite of Jess (Mana Khemia) that I heavily edited from Loose Leaf's character editor for an RPG Maker XP project that will be released on Valentine's Day.

Today I fixed continuity errors on some event CGs and drew sneakers on a character using real life refs.
That made me realize I should practice drawing shoes more often and stop avoiding them >>;


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