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Hikari's Ribbon
« on: January 29, 2010, 04:50:07 PM »
Hikari's Ribbon is a very short non-branching visual novel that can be read in 5-7 minutes. It tells the story of a little girl who becomes good friends with a young elf.

Although it is written in the tone of a children's story, Hikari's Ribbon is not intended to be read just by children. This is a story of new beginnings, sad farewells and the things we lose in adulthood, which can never be replaced. What I had in mind when I penned the first few words of this short story years ago was to create a universal story of trust that I hope still holds true today and will continue to hold true in any generation.

This version is narrated by my sister using the limited recording equipment we had at the time. There are many points for improvement in this short piece, but I hope that new readers and those who have read this before alike, will be able to enjoy and perhaps see something meaningful in Hikari's Ribbon; the story that I still consider to be the best and most complete that I have ever written.


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Re: Hikari's Ribbon
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Cool artworks. I will download it now and try your novel cloud. Keep it coming!