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Community Discussion / Re: Writing Workshop: Discussion
« on: September 09, 2010, 03:10:09 PM »
Woo final chapter!

It was a really nice read and managed to end things nicely in spite of all the things going on. I really liked the part about the stupid friend :P

Spoiler for Hiden:
Akiko's sudden change took me by surprise. I almost did expect her to stab him or do some other mean thing xD But it seems she didn't really care that much after all and only went after him for practical reasons? In any rate I guess it was wise of him to leave when he did.
This change almost makes me wish the story continued and elaborated on this sneaky personality of hers :P

In that last part where they eat ice-cream I was also confused me for a bit as I was in doubt about who he was actually eating ice with until after a while. Otherwise it was great too.

Of course it doesn't necessarily end here - further discussion about the chapters are more than welcome!
Endings can be hard to pull off, but I wasn't disappointed ^^

As for turning it into a visual novel - I don't mind. Doing something along the lines of what Number proposed could help to even out the text maybe. But like mikey I am afraid I can only contribute minimally - I simply have too many projects running right now.

And last - congrats to all participants for finishing this challenge! :D I'd say it was a success. I hope everyone got something useful out of this experience :)

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: August 30, 2010, 02:39:01 PM »
We need more writers! Come hither! xD

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: August 26, 2010, 05:19:25 PM »
Good to see you're taking part :D
I'm already taken as the writer/musician together with mikey, so I can't take you up on the offer. I hope someone else will drop by soon though!

Also to those considering writing, but not not offering to do so because participants are urge to "do things they usually do not":
Maybe try and write something you usually never write about? Something drastically different that you can try you hand with?

Development Discussion / Re: Today I created...
« on: August 24, 2010, 04:33:34 PM »
Sounds good. Sometimes it's important to step back and cut to the bone of a project so that you don't loose sight of its scope yourself.

It can be tough too though. Sometimes there is just a part of the story you wish you could tell, even though you know it's not necessary :P At least that's what I think sometimes.

A class? That was an interesting challenge :)

I hope you'll do well with the panel btw. Feel free to post your results here afterwards, I'd like to hear how it went.

(Never mind being late Sake :) Input is still interesting)

I like those event ideas. And yes, we should have a new one soon - we don't necessarily have to wait for the writing workshop to finish before planning the next one after all.

Development Discussion / Re: Today I created...
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:54:28 AM »
Today I just wrote the first bad ending for my vn Blue Rose!

Oh my, sometimes it's really hard for me to put my characters through such rough experiences. It can be an interesting way to test them, though.

Tea Lounge / Re: Discussion on Moe
« on: August 05, 2010, 08:51:28 AM »
What comes to mind...?

Well mostly fluffy, big-eyed and underaged anime girls, yeah. In general I dislike moe because it makes me think of a shallow stereotype and easy excuses for character design. And worst of all, it makes me think of useless fanservice.

If people really find things moe in a positive way with actual character depth, then deep down I guess it's alright.

But when creators label things as moe, it makes me believe that they are just trying to use it as an easy attention-magnet without any real depth. Like "let's just make it moe enough, then it will sell."

Sakura Kinomoto is cute and awesome. Nanoha is apparently made to be "moe". I don't like the latter one, as watching the first season gave me the impression described above.

At other times I think it ruins a good character when people fling the moe concept at it, since it makes it sound like less than it really is. Like when they use the term "emo". (Just noticed those two words are made of the same three letters - is there a conspirancy??)

I guess I just have something against stereotypes... although I am sure that many disagree with my viewpoints on this matter.

I've been thinking of what to write in this for a couple of days... but my first project was so experimental and "let's-see-how-it-goes" that I barely remember what I wish I knew ^^; So I'll try with some general advice instead.

1) You may need more tracks of music than you think. Sometimes I still get surprised when I play a vn and feel like there were only a few tracks, and then look at the track list and realise there were many more than that.

2) Try to organize workflow so that each task doesn't get seperated too much. Like, doing a few sprites and a cg early in the process and then going back to writing the script for a while. Doing this can result in rgeat inconsistency in art which results in things like "Argh! I have to redo these!"xInfinity.

Tea Lounge / Re: Using your time "effectively"
« on: July 22, 2010, 11:09:57 AM »
But, but... I want to slack off! I need my computer gamez!

Ok, joking aside...
Yeah, I was also thinking mostly about that - how stuffing more tasks into your day may not necessarily make you more effective. Mikey pretty much already pointed out why in the first post.

Time management can be a good thing if done right, but I don't think it's only about spending every second of your day on something work/project related. It's also about giving time to "switch off". As with the deal about listening to mp3s and close yourself into that little shell, I believe most good ideas come when you're not trying to force them. Relaxing makes you realise things you didn't think of before.

(Although with that last paragraph, I think I deviated from the topic a bit... just some random musings while slacking off and writing script snippets during my day job <_< Yes, I am a bad example of everything I say.)

Tea Lounge / Re: Using your time "effectively"
« on: July 21, 2010, 08:47:49 AM »
Well, you do hear more and more of how this new way of socialising and keeping up with things had its negative sides. Like how these fast ways of reading snippets and tweets and sending text messages takes focus away and instead distracts and confuses the mind. Nothing really sticks because you change topics so fast.
And then there is the whole topic about stress caused by the fact that people feel obligated to make something out of every second in their day. I know this is a great problem where I am, even to me. 'Wasting your time' is almost turning into a taboo. Oh no, then you have to schedule more!

I don't know. Even if I could do those things in my own 25 minute commute to work every day, I don't think it would work. I would hardly have the time to focus on what I am supposed to say or respond to, so I listen to music instead.

Actually I find those bus trips highly productive. I get a lot of creative work done just by listening to music and staring out the window of the bus - it helps me think, and I get a lot of ideas on how to move on with plot and characters in the story I'm working on. This is the time where I really flesh out the ideas that I get at other times. (Actually it can really ruin some of my day if I forget my mp3 player! The trip suddenly feels wasted, heh.)

So it's not so bad for you to choose to leave those things. Maybe it will also help a lot in relation to the people around you - I know it can be terribly annoying to talk to someone who is constantly distracted in their mind! :P
(That's a whole other topic again - some say that young people growing up today are loosing the ability to socialise because of things like mobiles)

Of course I'm not one to talk about these things. I am slowly turning into one of those "but I'm not doing anything right now! I'm a BAD person!" kinds of people myself, which is pretty horrible when I think about it. Even when I tell myself it's ok to slack off sometimes, I still feel awful...
(Don't be like me and my 100 projects! :P)

Tea Lounge / Re: Your choice of music?
« on: July 17, 2010, 02:49:38 PM »
Nice, it's always good to find some more music to listen to when writing. I always get the best ideas when listening to music.

I'll add some of my own when I get back from work and can surf youtube for some links.

Ok, so that happened a bit later than planned... but here we go! I strongly agree on some of your choices like Gentle Jena, Hello Planet and Canon, so I won't mention those :) But I'll use somewhat the same setup:


Hatsune Miku - Next Stage Listening to this a lot lately since there are a lot of action packed scenes that I still need to write :P

Hatsune Miku - Hato A cute and happy song that sticks to my brain.

La Roux - As if by Magic I became a fan of La Roux's weird music while I was staying in Wales, so it also reminds me of my good times over there. This song also had a great impact on the development on one of my current two game projects.

Coldplay - Strawberry Swing I like a lot of Coldplay's music, it's so inspiring. Also, awesome video.

Anime/Game music:

InuYasha - Omoi no Hate ni A very short but beautiful piece. Very effective I think.

Ever17 - Kopfsprung This one always does a good job of putting me back into the atmosphere of Ever17.

Hourglass of Summer - Went Away The OP from the game.

Air - Natsukage This is just beautiful...
Natsukage 1st Performance Slightly different version of same song... can't really decide which one I like best.

Old music:

Chess - One Night in Bangkok I remember this from when I was a kid. Never get tired of it.

Roxette - Dangerous This one reminds me of old cartoons because of a weird amv I once saw. Another good song to get you in a good mood.

Bee Gees - You Win Again Yes, Bee Gees! I actually wanted to post another song, but they only had a crappy live version of it on youtube. This one is good too.

Classical music:

Ravel - Bolero Nice and epic. Builds up the atmosphere in a simple and beautiful way.

Strauss - And der Schönen Blauen Donau Something else that I remember from my childhood.

Local music:

Nephew - Va Fangool I love a lot of Nephew's music, even though some of it takes a little getting used to. Their videos are also often very cool.

TV2 - De Første Kærester på Månen (First Lover on the Moon) I'm usually not a big fan of this old band, but this song is so nice and melancholic.

Kim Larsen - Midt om Natten (In the Middle of the Night) Because you almost can't mention danish music without this old guy. This song is from an old classic movie - it's a little silly to watch nowadays because of lame acting in parts, but the music is still nice.

Saybia - The Second You Sleep For the sake of having something that is actually sung in english :P

Phew, that was actually hard... I could easily add more, but this is it for now.

Development Discussion / Tenses
« on: July 14, 2010, 07:15:50 AM »
How do you prefer tenses when used in visual novels? Past or present tense?

I notice how past tense is often used in general storytelling, but that present tense is used in most visual novels. I guess this has something to do with how the story is told in 1st person and that it tries to immerse the player in the story.

Although I previously used to use past tense as well, I also remember a teacher saying how present tense could be more powerful in certain kind of stories, and urged us to do that – I also remember ignoring him/her completely of course :P But that aside…

What do you like best when reading a vn? What sounds more effective/natural?

Recently after moving into vn-writing/translating territory I have gotten used to writing in present tense, but some recent discussion with someone else has made me wonder what is really best...

Community Discussion / Re: Writing Workshop: Discussion
« on: June 30, 2010, 04:37:54 PM »
As for cloud's comment on making a vn:
Making a VN of this sounds intriguing, and I must admit having thought of it even before the discussion came up on irc. So if people want to do that, then I approve.
I also think that this story has room for much more though... but you're probably right that things should end while on top. We could maybe start a workshop around a new story if people want to after this.

On Chapter 5:
Nice and emotional chapter. This one was more focused on the inside of the characters, rather on actual actions. That way I think it pretty much cemented their emotions so far, which is good since we're near the end. I liked Natsuko's comments in the end.

On the other hand I also think that made it seem a bit on the short side, and I was dying to see more of what they would do :P

Community Discussion / Re: Writing Workshop: Discussion
« on: June 23, 2010, 06:03:10 PM »
Chapter 4:

Hoho, things really are happening now. Two new girls introduced! Both eager to fight for the cause (especially Mizuko - that one could turn interesting). Quite a situation Shinji got himself into.

I agree with cloud on this sentence:
"That fellow class member of mine would have to level up quite a bit for us to get to that situation."
I was wondering for a bit how that should be understood, but then ignored it.

There is also a passage with a long exchange of dialogue, where I was thinking that a few words of expression or description would have been nice, but it's nothing major.

Yeah, sorry about that. Guess coming home from a con can have that influence.

On tense:
Yes, we do the tense-switching in my language too. I try hard to forget that when writing in english, but usually fail ^^;

Also, what do you all think about the idea of a 2nd round of this story?

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