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Sounds great cloud :)

I believe I'll enter too, at least I'll do my best to make. Already looking forward to the Hime/number473 project too!

Development Discussion / Re: The question about good writing
« on: January 21, 2011, 10:10:46 AM »
It is true that getting inspiration from more than just other visual novels is a step in the right direction. That is also one way of getting out of the trap that FIA mentioned - making stuff that feels like nothing but a rehash of what we have already seen. (As one poster said, 'read books'!)

I don't think that evn's should strive for absolute non-japanese-ness though, and that it is the only path to 'salvation'. While doing things that divert from the usual formula is good and can turn into just as much of a memorable experience, there is also the fact that not everyone makes their games "anime-like" just to cater to a certain audience. Visual novels are a mostly japanese thing, so the people who are exposed to them are typical to have a certain aesthetic preference to start with. Like me. My art is strongly influenced by it, simply because I like drawing that way.

As for writing... it's hard to say that writing is "too japanese", unless of course the writer uses a lot of typical anime cliches or wordings that are obviously derived from translations of japanese terms. Not having all your stories take place in a japanese highschool would be a good start I guess :P

Development Discussion / The question about good writing
« on: January 16, 2011, 03:22:56 PM »
So here we go... I'm sure everyone has already seen this: http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35926
I thought it could be interesting to try and get a productive discussion out of it.

In terms of EVN's, do you have any good measuring point in terms of "good writing"? Is it a Hemingway or a Kinoko Nasu? How do think the evn's being created in this day and age fare in terms of writing?

When discussions about "polish" and "professionality" are brought up in evn creator circles, I feel they are often based mostly on presentation. That is the direction and visuals and how good those are. But as those parts of a vn have gradually increased in quality, the writing of the works often still get blamed for holding back the final product.

So... do you agree? Have the writings of EVN's really not changed at all?

I'm not sure that is the case. A lot of new creators keep entering the scene since it is still so 'young', so of course there is still loads to learn. Some stories have good writing with poor content, and others have great ideas with weak writing. But I also think that some really good ones appear from time to time too. Actually my biggest problem with evn's right now is the lack of themes that interest me, not necessarily the quality of writing itself.

Japanese VN's... the great stars that we 'contend' against. Commercial jvn's have wonderful artists on board and well-known writers. Some of them even have good writing. I'd say though, that many of those are pretty mediocre in that department as well. There are many titles that I believe would never have the following and popularity they have today, were it not for the shiny art and promotion. I am a big fan of jvn's and there are certainly gems among them, but there are several times in almost every one of them, where I have to stop and facepalm. Others take an eternity to trudge through due to fillers.

So my opinion at this point:
EVN vs general JVN -->  we're getting there.
EVN vs books --> still gotta work for it.

(Note: when comparing writing between evn and jvn, I mean the level of writing quality, not in terms of trying to 'make it like the Japanese do'.)

Tea Lounge / Re: I'm new...sort of!
« on: December 29, 2010, 08:18:53 PM »
Hi musical, I remember you ^_^ And rioka too. Welcome both of you.

I don't think going towards a more 'special' and exclusive look for the final issue is a bad idea. Going with a uniform style throughout could still make it look pleasant.

I think Cloud mentioned the possibility of using different colour backgrounds for text rather than only the grey? Maybe some light colours would look good this way. Each article with a different theme that follows the general style rules.

While one option would be the next VN Festival, there were also talks of making the next event a look back at the writing workshop where the participants would turn the finished story into a VN. Are people still up for that idea? Of course we would have to work on some guidelines of how that would work. Along with the fact that such an event isn't very open to new people who want to take part...

Development Discussion / Re: Commercial EVN: How do you feel about them?
« on: October 21, 2010, 08:44:37 PM »

Well, I'm going to agree with what most people have said about it though - I try not to have an opinion about how one thing has to better than the other. The commercial side is very interesting to me, although I won't say that a lot of current commercial vn's have seemed really awesome yet... it takes a lot to live up to titles like Ever17 and FSN after all. Jisei is a small interesting gem, but other than that I haven't been swept away by anything. It's also true that almost all of them seem to be hybrids, which can be a turn-off sometimes unless the gamey part is *really* good.

Online purchases? Naw, I live on a small island - almost anything other than food is bought online now xD So that doesn't stop me.

It truly is still a young market. Creators have a lot to learn, and I'm sure something more awesome will show up down the line. There is also the factor that these games may have to impress even more than usual, because players will have to invest more than time in them after being used to free EVN's.

Honestly I myself am currently trying to enter the market with the VN I am working on at the moment. We'll see how that goes! ^^; My game probably won't set a new standard of awesomeness, but I'm hoping to create something worthwhile which can stand on its own. I'm giving it my all (including the insides of my wallet, ouch.)
As Hime says, the administrative side of this is the most daunting :P Seriously, I would love to pay my taxes if doing so wasn't so incredibly complicated and difficult to figure out. I have hooked up with a network of entrepreneurs in hoping to get some help with this, and it has been worth it so far.

As for Cloud being misjudged... I don't know. I think maybe at the time people just expected him and BTW to disagree with them, and then had their defences prepared beforehand. It's probably forgotten in the midst of newer, fresher drama :P

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: October 18, 2010, 12:53:18 PM »
So impatient :P Nope, haven't seen it yet.

Sorry to hear that Sake. If you don't make it, will the two of you still finish it some time?

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: October 14, 2010, 07:05:48 PM »
Yay, vacation coming up! That should help on getting some music done.

Also, finished writing the first of two endings today! To think it's taking me so long even though the story is so short :P

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: September 30, 2010, 09:38:46 AM »
I think you're right about the hand motion thing - something that often gets in the way of new artists is that their movements are too stiff, and 'loosening up' is something that comes with time and practice.

Progress on my part - once again, not much! I've been busy moving, and I have a deadline coming up >_< (of course that just means that it's good I don't have to do art for this project! :P Yay!)

Things are calming down this week, so I plan to get back on writing the rest of the story this and next week. I'll try and respond to your comments on it soon mikey :)

Development Discussion / Re: Wings Remake?
« on: September 30, 2010, 09:35:31 AM »
I liked Wings, and I can understand your feelings of wanting it to look its best. And that new sprite really is quite an improvement! I like :)

Development Discussion / Re: Today I created...
« on: September 27, 2010, 11:03:58 AM »
Not something just accomplished today, and not really related to games, but...

This weekend I accomplished moving houses! Which means I won't have a stable internet connection until the 7th >_< Just so everyone knows.

Oh, but at least I might get some more practical work done on my game(s) now...

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: September 23, 2010, 12:06:55 PM »
Already a week gone by again >_<

This time I can report having written about half the script for our team's vn. Otherwise it's pretty much the same as mikey's post.

Onwards and upwards...

Tea Lounge / Re: Discussion on Moe
« on: September 21, 2010, 09:49:14 AM »
That's an amusing observation. I've noticed things looking like that a lot too, and in general, I think there is point there - it does share some of the aesthetics that people tend to like.

Now I won't be able to look at my Ipod touch again without thinking of 'moe'.... :P (it even has a cute anime girl as background, so why not!)

Community Discussion / Re: Teacup Event #3: Freshly brewed Tea-m
« on: September 15, 2010, 02:21:19 PM »
I missed last wednesday, but here we go:

Progress.... progress.... um....
Script-wise I only have some random notes on a notepad that I wrote at work. I'm getting some important script parts for my main project out of the way these days though, so I should be able to begin real writing on this soon.

As for music I am still mostly just experimenting when I have time. I think I have some good bases for what I will turn into the final tracks for our story. That's it for now ^^;

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