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Tea Lounge / Re: How is everyone?
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:13:58 PM »
Hello everyone :) Sorry for disappearing... it's been way too long. It's good to see you are all still out there though!

Tea Lounge / Hi everyone!
« on: December 07, 2011, 11:19:25 AM »
It's been a long time! Sorry for not stopping by the channel for a while, things have been really busy with work and gamemaking, so I haven't been very social online for a while. Hopefully I can drop by soon though and say hello and hear the news.

Hope you're all doing well, last we talked some of you were waiting for some pretty important events to happen this year after all. But yeah, won't get into that here.

Just wanted to make a sound and let you know I haven't abandoned the Teacup or anything :)

Oh, that sounds like a really interesting idea. Could be fun and interesting to give a try at least, even if in the end, it doesn't turn out as hoped.

Actually I don't feel I'm very good at putting out my opinions and feelings in words like that... and as such I often don't have as much insight to give in those threads as some of you other guys do. But I'd still like to give this book a shot and contribute something. Guess it helps that there will be others looking things over and catching any nonsense ;)

Good to see another festival come nicely to an end ^^
Although I disappeared shortly after presenting my own title, so I have only read through a couple of them so far. Will make sure to check the rest out the next couple of days, and hopefully give comments as well.

So far it seems like some real gems have been put out, not just quickly churned-out "might-as-well" stories. Good to see.

Will of course also gladly read those later who didn't make it in time for the festival :)

Just finished this and got the second ending, will have another try to get ending 1 at some point.

I must say I really loved the visual presentation of this game from the very start. It's really inventive and pretty, the photo's are great, and the way they and the text is used brings about the right kind of emotion for the story. Normally when people use photos as backgrounds the first impression they give is "cheap", but it wasn't like that here - more like it was exactly as it should be. At least to me.

The story was interesting too, as it slowly unravelled what had happened. The plot reminds me of a certain movie that I like a lot (but with less yandere tendencies :P)

The part where the choices started coming up and reaching up to the final scene felt like they slowed down a lot though, and maybe just because I'm not such a romantic, they didn't feel as important as the rest either ^^; Blame my cynical being for that, heh.

A really great piece all in all :)

Soo I'm finally back from obscurity to try all the other stories that came out during the festival - starting with this one.

Ahhh yes, the innocent dreams of making the most awesomest thing ever... only to burn out some weeks later :P And that happens in many more areas than just vn making.

A cute little wake-up call for those dreams that also made me giggle at times. And the style it was made in is very nice.

Development Discussion / Re: Feeling Guilty
« on: August 01, 2011, 07:51:03 PM »
Hmm. I guess there are a couple of solutions - one would be to measure out what is most important in telling your story. If you say he is one of the most important people to the MC, maybe in reality it is the less important character B you have to cut out, and give this guy his spot instead?

Or you have to take a fresh look at your story and evaluate what other roles this character could play, in order to make his arc something different and more interesting than it would otherwise would have been. What opportunities have opened themselves for this character in your story?

There is also the possibility that maybe the story just outgrew him, and the original place for him (as the original pairing) just isn't there any more. Sometimes we have to let interesting ideas go, since there just isn't any place for them in the story.

So yeah, how important is he in the story as it looks now? And how cheated are the readers going to feel if he gets 'shafted'? :P

Thank you both ^^ Yeah, I noticed it's a bit in the same style storywise. It was written by my brother this time around - guess he likes that kind of story too!

Interesting problem - I'll see if I can figure it out.

Completed Visual Novels / The Dare - The Teacup VN Festival 2011 Day 1
« on: August 01, 2011, 07:34:52 AM »

Genre: Slice-of-Life

Quote from: Vatina
On an ordinary, sunny day, the chirping of sparrows in the bushes - "I dare you, I dare you!!"


Windows: Download
Mac: Download
Linux: Download

Aww sorry to hear that Hime :( That's quite bad luck. I hope you didn't lose too much stuff.

Even if not for the festival, I'd still love to read the novel you two made :)

Nice to see it fill up :D 5 already.

Also, I completely forgot to write the name of my entry.... so here we go again:

Day 1 - The Dare (Vatina)
Day 2 - SYTYWTMAVN (lordcloudx)
Day 3 - Anthridercynantide (ATP Projects)
Day 4 - Coccinea (MoonlightBomber)
Day 5 - The Affair (lordcloudx)
Day 6
Day 7

I have awesome news! My writer just sent me the story today, so I just need to do a little art and put things together. Which means I can finally say that I'll have an entry for the festival too! :D

I don't know if anyone has a story that fits particularly well for the first day? Otherwise I don't mind taking that spot. Feel free to shift around though, as I don't really mind whatever day mine is on either.

Development Discussion / Re: Random Idea Generator (Writing Exercise)
« on: June 30, 2011, 07:24:39 AM »
I also like to believe that it is possible to turn pretty much any idea into something great. It's not easy to do, but sometimes something really great appears that surprises you in how a certain idea and plot was used.

As for "write what you want" essays - I always loved those, as the alternative was mostly writing a business letter or an analysis of something :P At least the free choice made it possible for me to write a story instead. But yeah, not having a clear goal didn't make it easy if you didn't already have something in mind. One time we had an assigment like that, I ended up doing the same as you and take a look at my bookshelf - what I saw there, I would base my story on. It ended up being Wolf's Rain inspired. I got top marks for the only time during my three years, for a story I wrote a 1 am the night before the deadline. A little off topic, but - ah good times :)

Now to try the random idea thing... Here are the three points I got: .
So, a german actor, an Italian municipality and the volcanic hotspot that created Hawaii. Oh my.

Volcanic hotspots make a distaster story pretty obvious. Not too fond of those, but I guess it works as a plot point, so I'm open to that.

Alright then - a german actor is filming a movie in Italy. He's feeling a bit negative about everything as the movie is pretty lame, and he knows his career is falling apart when he only gets parts like this one. Because of this attitude to his job in Italy, he doesn't do much to socialise with the rest of the people on the set, and he has a bad habit of looking at them as second-rate actors too. That's when the weather slowly starts getting strange, but no one really pays it any mind as they have other things to worry about.
But a dormant volcanic hotspot has moved beneath Italy! Oh noes! (Probably wouldn't ever happen, but meh) The streets break open and lava goes everywhere. They now have to flee the scene and try and get to safety, and the main character soon finds himself alone with a couple of other people trying to flee. One of them is another actress from the movie, so they don't get along all that well. There is also a stranger in group, one of the locals.
Much drama ensures, the actors reconcile, you can probably guess the rest.


Development Discussion / Re: Today I created...
« on: June 17, 2011, 05:58:18 AM »
As I almost always visit this forum while at work, mine is also going to be more of a "what I did yesterday", but...

I finished another lineart for Blue Rose! Yeah that's it <_<; Also did some other tiny tidbits that aren't interesting. Hopefully another lineart will be done today, my new colourist is pretty fast so I need to keep up.

Good to see people are making progress - and a new participant too :)

I still hope to be able to submit a game too... it's not 100% certain that I will, though. My writer for this project is a little hard to persuade sometimes.

*Walks off to kick him into gear*

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