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What Visual Novel Festival isn't complete without some ERO? Indeed, ero is a necessary and integral part of life, the universe and everything else! Therefore it only makes sense to include some ero in this festival, so we, Sore Hand Games, bravely volunteer our skills and effort into making a small eroge for this festival!

just a very small one, don't get your hopes up.

Development Discussion / Re: Originality: How much does it matter?
« on: March 06, 2010, 01:55:49 PM »
I'm the writer of SHG and here are my thoughts, for what it's worth.
Originality is valued differently by people. Some value it a lot. Some don't bother with it. People also have different opinions on what is original or not. Result: A Big Huge Mess. If you ask 1000 people what originality IS, you'll get 1000 answers. Maybe some answers may be more original than others, but how can you tell?
While it's impossible to find a definitive, complete and absolute Originality, descended from heaven in all its glorious perfection, it IS possible to have your own definition of originality. You have no guarantee that will work for everyone else, but that's life isn't it?

But if there's one thing that I really don't swallow is the whole "There's no such thing as originality" school of thought. I mean, really? No originality? So... The remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, poster child of cookie-cutter re-makes and lack of innovation in Hollywood, is just as original as Citizen Kane, with its incredible cinematography that is still impressive even by today's standards? Both are just as original as each other and every other movie ever? No originality at all?
That is not even funny.
There IS originality alright. It's subjective as hell, it's different for each person, but it's there.

When I write something, I try to be as creative as possible, while trying to make a game as good as possible, from my own viewpoint. You can't please everyone. It's impossible. You just do what you feel is right and hope for the best.

Completed Visual Novels / Re: Experiment Pleasure (18+)
« on: March 03, 2010, 12:59:06 AM »
This was very very hilarious and good game!
We're glad you liked it.
Though I never figured out that Hakase is female, not until she stripped down.
Whoops! Well, Hakase isn't the most feminine of characters anyway...
Can you help me with correct route to it?
Hint for ending 4:
Spoiler for Hiden:
Try to get a great result, but without overdoing it. Desire and Instinct stay below 90 but still high, with desire higher than instinct.
If you need further assistance just send a PM and we'll write a step-by-step.

I think Enerccio is very right to describe this as very very hilarious. I believe it made me laugh more than an average comedy movie.
That's great. This game started as the average adult game with bad plot, but we had such a hard time taking the scenario seriously that, little by little, it turned into a comedy game. It's probably for the best.

When can we expect Sore Hand Games' next visual novel? I will definitely look forward to it.
Can't really tell. We just finished this one and, while there are some plans lying around, it's nothing concrete.

Thank you both for the feedback. It's nice to know this game managed to entertain some people at least. And hey, what more could you ask for?

Completed Visual Novels / Experiment Pleasure (18+)
« on: February 21, 2010, 10:28:28 PM »
   Sore Hand Games (that's us) brings you today a new game in the erotic VN area! Feel free to download, play and comment at your leisure, although taking this game seriously is not recommended. But for someone looking after some light-hearted, different kind of fun it should work.

Game - Experiment Pleasure
Platform - Ren'Py
Endings - 7
Play time - Around 10-15 min to reach one ending, 30 min - 1 hour to reach all endings
Genre - Raising Sim (parody)
Erotic content - Low and not to be taken too seriously. But contains frontal nudity and weird dialogue.
Intellectual content - One of the characters sports some mean glasses.

   Yeah... Nothing much more to add. Except... You know... The usual
This game contains erotic content, and is therefore inappropriate for people under 18. If such content upsets you, if you are considered underage in your current country or if it is illegal to access such content in your country then do not download this game.
   There. That's our necks out of the line. Enjoy! Windows version Linux version Mac version

EDIT: a few minutes after posting it we sort of realized that we said nothing about the game's content. Maybe that would be a good idea to include, yes? Kinda useful, really...

It's a game about two mad doctors trying to create the perfect sex slave. But their competence leaves something to be desired and if the experiment will be a success or a disaster rests on YOUR decisions.

There. That should help.

Community Discussion / Rules on erotica
« on: February 18, 2010, 03:44:13 AM »

   So.... Yeah. Questions.

Let us hypothetically say a certain group has created a certain game that focuses on certain erotic content. And let us also consider that this certain group is searching for a place to showcase the game and then it finds a certain forum with certain confusing rules regarding erotic content. What should they do?
The guidelines on Completed Visual Novels read:
2. If your visual novel includes content of a nature that is meant for mature audiences (erotica or graphic violence), please provide an appropriate warning. Doing otherwise will be interpreted as impolite. Mindless pornography is not allowed.

So how would mindless pornography be defined? Would a Dating Sim qualify? Would an average doujinshi? Do we need to quote Nietzsche to make it classy or just Shakespeare will do?

Oh, and also we do not have the quote in hand, but to enter the forum we had to agree to this scary contract that would ban us unto oblivion if we wrote anything obscene (?) vulgar (??) or inaccurate ( we promise to be trying our very best to be accurate in this post ). So... Was that contract just a potential weapon against trolls and similar minions of chaos or does it include Sore Hand Games Inc. and its productions?

So... We'd like some clarification on what goes and what doesn't in this forum. Are erotic pictures on the game allowed in the forums? Linking to the game folder? Linking to another website with erotic content?

The Future of Ero lies in the answers to these questions!

So... Better answer them. I guess.

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