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Title: Feeling Guilty
Post by: Hayzel on August 01, 2011, 07:22:58 PM
So I have all of these arcs for my characters of Lost Dreams. The only problem is, one of the most important people to the MC has no arc ;=; When I wrote the Arcs out I realized that his arc was the same as another arc except in the end he'd end up with the MC instead of alone. So I don't know what to do. I'd feel terrible if he didn't get his chance with the MC because he was the original what should I do about him?

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Title: Re: Feeling Guilty
Post by: Vatina on August 01, 2011, 07:51:03 PM
Hmm. I guess there are a couple of solutions - one would be to measure out what is most important in telling your story. If you say he is one of the most important people to the MC, maybe in reality it is the less important character B you have to cut out, and give this guy his spot instead?

Or you have to take a fresh look at your story and evaluate what other roles this character could play, in order to make his arc something different and more interesting than it would otherwise would have been. What opportunities have opened themselves for this character in your story?

There is also the possibility that maybe the story just outgrew him, and the original place for him (as the original pairing) just isn't there any more. Sometimes we have to let interesting ideas go, since there just isn't any place for them in the story.

So yeah, how important is he in the story as it looks now? And how cheated are the readers going to feel if he gets 'shafted'? :P
Title: Re: Feeling Guilty
Post by: Hayzel on August 01, 2011, 08:01:29 PM
They'd feel really shafted. It'd be like "You put me through all this character's stuff and not have an arc with him as the center? Not to mention he has the most history with the MC. Bad Hayzel..."

Yeah. I'd feel bad as the writer to overlook him....
Title: Re: Feeling Guilty
Post by: lordcloudx on August 03, 2011, 04:47:42 AM
My advice would be to think about the implications that the character might have on the story. I believe that the plot and the characters should always try to go hand in hand with each other barring some rare exceptions.

Even if you might feel a bit guilty as a writer if you left him out, try to look at your story from a bird's-eye view and see if giving him his own arc is really necessary right now or if it even adds anything significant to story.

In short: do you feel that you have sufficiently accomplished your goals as a writer with the story that you have right now? One of my creative writing mentors always emphasized that when you are making any kind of literary work, it's a bad idea to try to pen down the absolute ideal piece of literary work that you might have in your head at the time that you started writing; The best writers know how to extract just enough out of the ideal in their minds to create an effective literary piece.

It's like a 1925 Filipino short story called "The Dead Stars ("

The protagonist alludes to the light of stars that reach the Earth which might actually be long dead as the kind of light that he might have seen when he sought after his ideal woman for so many years only to discover that the "light" (attraction) that he thought he felt for her was no longer there when they finally meet again.

Title: Re: Feeling Guilty
Post by: Hime on August 03, 2011, 09:24:59 AM
I suppose you could try to incorporate him and his story into that similar arc, or some other one. Perhaps make it so that he supports the main character through the arc (but is a bit jealous of the other character, maybe?), and when some conflict between the main character and the other character in that arc appears, there is a choice to pick him instead and go to his ending if the player wants to? :) Or you could write one of the arcs as a love triangle where a choice like this appears. This way you wouldn't have to write an entire arc for him, but you could still provide a satisfactory conclusion to the players who have fallen in love with him.

That said, I know the feeling. "Why didn't [character's name here] have a route?" seems to be a really common complaint about VNs, even with less important characters, so it's hard to decide stuff in situations like this. ^^; Along with which endings and choices to include, I suppose these are the hard decisions special to the medium of VNs.